Coach Windy Lawson sitting in a cafe with a laptop and tumbler.

“I’ve always had the dream. And now, I have a detailed plan to make it happen!”

You, after working with me. 

Ready to kiss those complicated and chaotic workdays goodbye?

Simplify your day with this free, easy checklist, and make money, not chaos.

    The Slay Your Workday checklist has been a GAME CHANGER for me! It made a huge difference in my productivity and my mindset. I am more focused during my day, and once the day is over, I can totally leave it behind.
    Leslie Brown
    Business Owner

    Chaos is awesome, said no solopreneur ever

    Because the path to solopreneur success includes:

    What if you could tame the chaos and achieve solopreneur success?

    Spoiler alert: You can!

    S'up. I'm Windy.

    I help struggling solopreneurs create success with less stress.

    I was a good little corporate worker bee until Kenny Rogers ruined my fifth wedding anniversary. 

    I traded in my backstage pass for graphic tees and flip flops and went to work for myself. 

    I thought quitting my corporate job and becoming a solopreneur would change everything.  

    But after two years of spinning multiple plates like an over-caffeinated, roller skating circus performer, always believing the next plate was the elusive missing piece that would finally solve everything, I crashed. And burned.

    It was ugly. And painful. And 100% necessary.

    Because the problem? Hi, it’s me. 

    You can take the girl out of corporate, but that doesn’t take the corporate out of the girl.

    My collision with reality led me to develop a method to help female solopreneurs eliminate the chaos that keeps tripping them up while achieving the success they crave (and deserve, damn it!).

    How I Help Solopreneurs Achieve Success without Chaos


    Discovering what truly drives you is critical. Most of my clients aren't motivated by money, so focusing on sales goals usually backfires. Understanding your unique motivations ensures your entrepreneurial journey aligns with your personal aspirations.


    Time is the most precious commodity for solopreneurs. How much time do you really have at your disposal? (It's probably less than you think.) Once you are clear on your capacity, you can make informed decisions on how to spend that time.


    Not all ideas are opportunities, and not all opportunities warrant immediate pursuit. When you distinguish the gold from the glitter, you are better able to focus on the right opportunities at the right time and kick shiny object syndrome to the curb for good.


    My goal-setting approach is tailored to your unique needs and aspirations, ensuring your business objectives resonate with your personal ambitions. Goals that feel good? Hell yes!

    Action Planning

    Your personalized action plan is more than a business growth roadmap. It is designed to be adaptable, capable of evolving with your business and the ever-changing solopreneurial landscape. No burnout needed.


    Imagine never again feeling alone on this journey. Having a business bestie who is 50% cheerleader, 50% pit bull and 100% committed to your success. Someone to celebrate your wins, help you learn from setbacks, and constantly push you forward.

    "Windy Lawson truly is passionate about what she does. I love her fun-loving personality while still being straightforward and to the point. She calls it like she sees it, and focuses on finding solutions. I am so glad I found her and I definitely would recommend her.”
    Phyllis Whetsel
    Business Owner

    We're a Hot Match if

    I’m not everybody’s cup of tea. In fact, I’m more of a Cuba Libre with extra lime. But, if this is you, you’re my people.

    "Windy Lawson has been an amazing support to me in my efforts to launch my business. Windy has helped me find clarity, a clear strategy, and a detailed plan."
    Heather Cherrington
    Business Owner

    How I Roll


    Me + You = Fast Track to Success

    Personalized goal-setting and strategic planning, plus accountability on speed dial (metaphorically, of course, because who dials a phone anymore?).

    This is for you if you: 

    • want to simplify your next 90 days,  
    • crave a high-level of accountability, 
    • are ready to thrive, even if that means getting uncomfortable. 



    You + Your Slay Squad = Goal Slayed in 90 Days

    DIY strategy with training wheels and group accountability through weekly calls. 

    This is for you if you:

    • are a pro at creating 90-day action plans,
    • crave accountability from your peers,
    • enjoy weekly group calls.