Private, one-on-one small business marketing coaching is the most effective way to move forward in your business quickly. With private coaching, you receive personal attention and individualized solutions, tailored to your unique needs.

What are the benefits of working one-on-one with a business coach?

FRESH PERSPECTIVE: You’ve got a major crush on your business. You might even be in love. That emotional connection can cloud your vision. {It was true for your Neil Young-obsessed, hacky sack-playing, poncho-wearing college crush, too.} Because a business coach isn’t emotionally-attached to this beautiful thing you created, she can provide a different perspective on your challenges.

STRATEGERY: Ok, it’s not a real word, but developing strategies and tactics is one of the most critical elements of success. No strategy, no success, and your business coach can help you get clear on the right strategies and tactics for your business.

AVOIDING COSTLY MISTAKES: Your business coach is a lot like a Sherpa. She knows the terrain ahead and can guide you as you scale your own Mount Everest.

ACCOUNTABILITY: Listen, boo, we both know how tempting it is to blow off work and spend the afternoon binge-watching Grey’s/online shopping/chillin’ on a raft in the pool/approximately 487 other fun things. But none of those things are moving your business forward, and your business coach will hold you accountable.

PARTNERSHIP: Your business coach truly is your partner in success. She will push you to try new things and get outside of your comfort zone. She will provide innovation and encouragement when you lose momentum.

One-on-One Small Business Marketing Coaching

With more than 20 years of marketing experience, I have the honor and privilege to teach female microbusiness owners how to significantly impact their sales initiatives by deepening their understanding of marketing principles. 

Marketing is the fuel that runs any company’s sales engine, whether a corner lemonade stand or a global corporation. While the tactics may vary, the principles are the same across all industries and company sizes. 

Marketing is a skill-set that can be learned just like any other skill. The benefit of working with a coach instead of a consultant is learning these principles and becoming empowered to make the right marketing choices for your business. Once you understand the principles, you can confidently implement them for yourself or outsource them to consultants.


A one-on-one coaching relationship aims to create a successful marketing footprint to support sales initiatives as quickly as possible. Once the footprint is built and the strategies and tactics are understood, the marketing process becomes highly-repeatable, and in many cases, automated. 

What To Expect

A coach is your partner in success. As such, you can expect me to:

In this process, you can expect to:


Clearly-defined Niche/Ideal Client Avatar

The heart of marketing is providing the right message to the right people at the right time. While your product or service may apply to every single person on the planet, your message cannot be the same for all of them. Understanding who you are speaking to is critical to any successful marketing effort.

Clearly-defined Brand Standards

Your brand speaks for you, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Employing a cohesive brand allows every piece of your marketing efforts to be in alignment. 

Clearly-defined Marketplace Position

Once you understand your overall marketplace and your competition, you can develop your competitive advantage. 

Clearly-defined Solution-Oriented Offering

People don’t buy products or services; they buy solutions to their problems. By focusing on your niche’s problems, you can create an irresistible offer. 

Clearly-defined and Successful Marketing and Sales Funnel

The modern consumer requires multiple touchpoints before making a purchase. By imagining the process through the prospects’ eyes, you can engineer a process that answers her questions before she asks them.

Clearly-defined Cross-Channel Marketing Strategy

There have never been more opportunities to market your microbusiness. Between social media platforms alone, you have the opportunity to meet millions of people. But it’s even easier to lose them. By creating a cross-channel marketing strategy, you can ensure your prospects land exactly where you want them. 

Implementation of a Successful Marketing Campaign 

Knowledge is great, but taking action is better. Our coaching relationship’s final step is the implementation of a successful marketing campaign designed to meet specific sales objectives.  

The Investment

$3,500 for a three-month coaching relationship, which includes:

Payment Options