Laser Coaching Windy Lawson

For microbusiness owners, time is their most precious commodity. And while having regularly scheduled calls with a coach can help them navigate self-employment ups and downs, some problems can’t wait until the next appointment. Being stuck sucks away time, which costs money. And laser coaching is designed to get the microbusiness owner unstuck FAST!

What is laser coaching? 

Laser coaching maximizes time and results by applying a single focus to the coaching session. These brief, 15-minute calls are structured to clarify a particular issue or roadblock efficiently and identify the actionable next steps to move past the roadblock. Laser coaching provides immediate support and a clear path of what you need to do next. 

This type of coaching isn’t merely an abbreviated version of a traditional 50-minute coaching call. A standard coaching call is best for developing strategy or attainment of larger goals. A laser session is designed to provide immediately actionable steps for one issue or problem.

The power of laser coaching comes through the combination of having clarity, a sense of urgency, and a commitment to taking action. 

Who is a good candidate for laser coaching? 

This style is ideal for those who are committed to moving past roadblocks and taking immediate action. Quick-action coaching can be especially helpful for issues with:

What to expect with this type of coaching

Before the call, you’ll determine one area you’re committed to taking massive action in to overcome your obstacle. You’ll be as specific and concise as possible to explain the challenge and how it impacts you. 

During the coaching session, you’ll answer questions about what hasn’t worked and discuss various actions you can take immediately to move forward. You and your coach will agree on homework to complete before the next call. 

You’ll walk away from a laser coaching session with valuable new insights, renewed energy, and actionable next steps. After the call, you’ll receive a video of the coaching session for your record and review. 

Want to be a beta tester for this new program? 

During the beta test in October, you can book a series of four 15-minute laser coaching sessions over a four-week period for only $99, 45% off the regular coaching rate.

Please note: All appointments will be held on the same day and time {i.e., Monday at 2 p.m.} for four consecutive weeks.

This trial program is completely risk-free! If you feel the program is not right for you by the end of our first session, you can cancel and receive a full refund.