The Truth About Multi-tasking

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Today, I want to tackle the #1 way we lose time without even realizing it. It’s so sneaky that you probably have no idea it’s happening to you every day. (It might be happening right now…)

And that dirty time thief is multitasking.

Once upon a time, multitasking was a brag-worthy skill. Employers loved hearing it, and we felt we had reached the pinnacle of productivity when we multitasked. But, for most tasks, we’re not truly multitasking, but rather task switching. And it’s taking us upwards of twice as long to complete a task when we are jumping from one task to another.

Don’t believe me? Check out this short video for an exercise that will show you precisely what multitasking costs you. But first, grab a piece of paper and a pen or pencil.

This exercise illustrates why focusing on one task at a time, is a #ballermove! Because you cannot do two tasks that require active participation from your big, beautiful brain, at the same time. Chew gum and ride a bike all day. But the minute you try to watch a training video {or Schitt’s Creek} and write an email at the same time, and your brain will shout out, “There can be only one!”

The truth is, with multitasking, you’re losing more time than you gain.

Make it a habit to have a singular focus when you are working- close those extra web browser tabs, log out of email, and close social media- and you’ll be able to complete your tasks quicker than you thought possible!

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