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My Mastermind Experience Windy Lawson

Guest post by Johanna Bodenhamer, a two-time Mastermind attendee, on her mastermind experience.

The term Mastermind for me always had a high-level, exclusive air that made me feel like I was not quite ready for, or wasn’t necessarily worthy to participate in them. I am glad that I got over that with the first one I participated in during the summer of 2018. That one was an efficiency Mastermind geared towards better time management, tools for efficiency, and small accountability groups.

I quickly learned that you get out of Mastermind groups what you put into them, so tread-lightly when joining one and make sure the group applies to your needs. #SpoilerAlert, nobody else can do your work for you or make you put in the effort. A tool or resource is useless if you don’t utilize it, this holds true for a Mastermind.

For the Clarity Co-Op, I had expected structured, guided calls with the possibility of some small accountability groups where we could brainstorm about what we needed to do to take our businesses to the next level. Sometimes you do not get what you expected, you get a heck of a lot more!

The 14-week Mastermind was structured with a lot of guided activities for the first few weeks, where we dug and dug deep into some of the mindset things that may have been presenting barriers to our successes. Though each members’ reasons for attending differed, the need to dig deep was present for us all. Windy lead us through each exercise by sharing her story, her why, and digging deep. Though cliché, the “life is like an onion” analogy holds quite true; each time you dug deeper, you got a little closer to the core values that motivate you. I learned a lot about myself and what drives me. Furthermore, I learned that I needed a bit of external, but appropriate, accountability to keep me moving forward.

Leading up to the Mastermind, I was in the midst of multiple external factors and internal strife that had thrown my motivation to achieve anything into a tailspin. Perhaps my situation was unique, but given how many of us suffer through mental health issues, maybe it wasn’t. 

Through our calls in the latter portion of the mastermind experience, we each went “In the Spotlight” to share our biggest challenge, so the entire group could focus their attention on helping us solve it. We also shared where we were seeing success, to share our knowledge with the group, to help them succeed. These calls allowed us to get an outside perspective, ask probing and thoughtful questions to those sharing, and put some us on the spot and really challenge and provoke us to make some deep changes. See, I wasn’t kidding when I said you get out of it what you put into it.

I would recommend anyone at a crossroads in their business join one of Windy’s Masterminds, you’ll walk away with a level of clarity that you would never be able to reach on your own. Additionally, if you feel a lack of direction or focus in your business, a little déjà vu feeling, are not seeing results from your efforts, or need to know why you even are bothering at all, then you would benefit.

Just like those FTC mandated disclaimers on commercials say, your results may vary from those of others! My mastermind experience may be different than yours. But then again, hard work (not busy) work gets results time and time, again. Are you ready to do the hard work?

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