Not everyone has what it takes to be a full-time solopreneur. Having a brilliant idea, a rock-solid work ethic, and a willingness to do whatever it takes to succeed isn’t quite enough. There’s financial stress, never-ending attacks on your mindset, so many strategic choices to make, constantly evolving marketing opportunities, and no boss looking over your shoulder to hold you accountable and keep you productive. 

It’s no wonder that 50% of small businesses fail within five years. 

Starting a new business as a solopreneur is a lot like having a baby. Except, when you have a baby, your friends and family surround you and support you. When it comes to your business, your family doesn’t get it, your friends don’t get it. 

But we do! We know what it takes to be successful and turn your dreams into reality.

Introducing the New Soloprenuer Baby Shower

*Because your business is your baby.

Join us at this free half-day event for networking, training and celebration of your new business. The event includes:


Bring Your Business To Life: Strategic Business Planning Made Easy
with Jessica Sato

Does your business have a strategic plan? In the early days of business-building, there are a million and one things competing for your attention, and it’s easy for the strategic aspects of your business to take a backseat to the every-day tasks that need doing. Having a strategic plan is critical to ensuring that your big dream actually comes to fruition and helps you determine whether your time, energy, and effort are actually moving you forward. In this session, we’ll talk about how to bring your business strategy to life… without all the overwhelm.

Setting Goals from the Soul
with Lizzie Stewart

You have heard it before…. Start with the end in mind. WELL DARLING WHAT do YOU WANT in the end? The end could be next week, the end of the year, or at the completion of a project, the end date matters none, what matters and where the MAGIC happens is when you KNOW how you WISH to FEEL at that time.  

If you truly desire to build your Kingdom and sit on your Throne of Joy and Abundance, then SISTER you need to FEEL your vision you have for your life and harness that energy to CREATE your DREAMS!!!

I am going to give a taste of how I BALANCE the WOO and DO to create massive abundance in my life and in the lives of my clients. 

Getting Personal with Your Buyer Persona
with Windy Lawson

Your business exists for one reason only: to solve a problem for your customer. You’ve already created a killer solution, but are you crystal clear on who has this problem? 

Having a well-defined Buyer Persona isn’t optional.  And it isn’t about knowing what magazines she reads, where she lives, or what her hobbies are. In this session, you’ll learn the 3 Ps of creating a Buyer Persona so you can market better, sell more, and create raving fans.

The Power of Thinking on Purpose
with Krista Resnick

We hear it all the time, “Change your thoughts, change your life” OR Mindset is everything.  But how do we actually not be a victim to our thoughts?  

Our thoughts do indeed create our reality. The mind can be your worst enemy or your best ally. We have the opportunity to make self-honoring choices and make your mind your servant rather than your master. 

This presentation will teach you how to change your thinking—for the long haul so you can rock your business (and life) with ease.

Productivity Peanuts
with Joni Kinney

Getting work done is no small task but we can use small “peanuts” and templates to get organized and be efficient. Using a free online tool you can learn to manage your content and find time you didn’t realize was missing.

Accountability: Keep it Simple
with Jessica Avery

Learn key points and tips to simplify accountability and set yourself up for success.