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I am small business marketing coach Windy Lawson.

I help female microbusiness owners 5X their marketing impact on 5 hours a week without spending more money.


Big dreams, you got ’em.

You thought starting your business was the hard part.

You knew you had to market your business to achieve your dreams, even if you weren’t sure what that meant.

So you went to the interwebz to learn marketing.

And trusted the self-proclaimed experts and gurus who said THIS IS THE WAY.

You entered the forest with a machete and started whacking away at the weeds in front of you, trusting that with enough whacks, the path would become visible.

Put down the machete!

It’s time to focus on developing a marketing strategy that will put you on the path to success, instead of blindly attacking whatever shiny object is grabbing your attention.

As a small business marketing coach, I help you get out of the weeds and see the entire forest so you can choose the right path to reach your destination.

I show you how to do in as little as five hours a week and on a shoestring budget.

Successfully marketing your business is not as hard as you think. And I’m here to prove it to you!

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