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the clarity co-op

An exclusive, online business mastermind group for female microbusiness owners.

A transformative online mastermind group for female microbusiness owners

In this 11-week program, you’ll get clarity on:

  • What success really means to you
  • What one thing can solve all of your problems
  • A clear framework for achieving success
  • What’s actually working for you, and what needs to get pitched ASAP
  • How to accelerate your growth
  • How to overcome any obstacle

And you'll have a support group to help you work through the implementation and provide actionable solutions to take your business to the next level.

Hi, as a professional business and accountability coach, I have helped thousands of women move their businesses forward.

I created my signature mastermind program to help women stop spinning their wheels, waste time, and chase shiny objects. When you have clarity on what success means to you on a deeper level, achieving it becomes inevitable!

This mastermind process won’t just change your business. It will change your life!

Windy Lawson

Business Coach

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