Managing Time to Maximize Productivity

Managing Time To Maximize Productivity Windy Lawson

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Managing Time To Maximize Productivity Windy Lawson

As female microbusiness owners, most of us don’t give much thought to maximizing productivity; we’re just trying to get through the days, amirite? We are so busy busting our butts that we don’t believe we have the luxury of creating some complicated system to be more productive. Productivity sounds like some fancy, schmancy corporate manufacturing lingo. But learning to manage time to maximize productivity is precisely what we need. Stick with me.

Productivity is the ratio between the output volume and the input volume. I see your eyes glazing over, sister. You’re having flashbacks to high school Econ class right now, aren’t you? That definition is business-speak for saying productivity calculates how quickly you get shizz done.

Productivity is finding the most efficient way to do the dang thing, so you can move on to the next thing. And if you are busting your butt, trying to get through the day, finding ways to be more productive {AKA efficient} should be your mission!

But, Windy, I just need to better manage my time. I’m totally in your head. And listen, bestie, you cannot manage time. Times gonna do what times gonna done. But what you can do is be more efficient {AKA productive} and maximize the time you have.

Visionary vs. taskmaster

I’m willing to bet that you are a visionary. You have big goals, big dreams, and you can see your amazing future in brilliant clarity. The end result is lit up brighter than the Las Vegas strip.

But, the day-to-day gets you stuck in the muck, struggling to bring that shiny future any closer.

Visionaries think long-term. They are fantastic for creating the big picture goals. But taskmasters actually GSD, get stuff done.

CEO You should be a visionary.
Employee You must be a taskmaster.

Taskmasters live and die by their To-Do list. They feel an enormous sense of accomplishment when they complete their tasks. They aren’t focused on the BIG PICTURE but on the details. They are masters of productivity!

This blog series focused on actionable ways to manage time to maximize productivity is just what CEO You needs to become a taskmaster ninja!

Ready to do this?

To start, start cultivating these eight essential habits for successful time management ASAP.

If you’re ready to kick your productivity into high gear, check out these four reasons to get your booty out of bed earlier.

When it comes to getting the most done as possible in a given day, it’s vital to think carefully about the sequence in which you tackle your tasks. Doing the right job first and the appropriate job last can potentially save you hours – even more so if they rely on other external factors and create open loops

You cannot be productive if you have a squirrel moment every 10 minutes. Check out these simple solutions to eliminate distractions.

Everyone experiences laziness from time to time. If you’ve got big dreams, but can’t tear yourself away from Netflix, check out these ways to overcome laziness #LikeABoss.

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