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find your next great idea windy lawson

As a microbusiness owner, you wear a lot of hats. When you’re constantly running from fire to fire, it’s easy to get stuck focused on what needs to be done right now {putting out this fire}, instead of thinking about how to move forward in your business, and get the freaking fires to stop popping up already.

When you get stuck working in your business, it’s nearly impossible to work on your business.

For your microbusiness to thrive, you need to spend time finding creative solutions to your problems, innovating your processes, and mapping out your future objectives.

You need ideas!

And ideas are a lot like cats; they don’t come when called. Ideas {and cats} operate on their own agenda, but with a little coaxing, you can summon them. Use these tips to find your next great idea.

#1: Take a Shower

Have you ever been in the middle of applying conditioner or shaving your legs when inspiration struck? You’re not alone!

When we focus intently on a task at hand we tend to see only one part of the big, sprawling picture in front of us. It’s when we get away from the chore of idea generation, that our brains start to work with associations. Your brain loves order and connecting the dots. Ideas are born out of the associations.

But why a shower? Taking a shower engulfs your body in negative ions, which releases tension and stress. The pleasurable response to these ions injects dopamine into our systems, and dopamine, combined with a positive state of mind helps encourage the flow of positive ideas. Thanks, ions!

#2: Get Handsy

Keeping your hands busy stimulates the neurons in your brain in different ways than sitting quietly and just thinking. Think of your brain like a computer, just because one application is open and running, doesn’t mean all of the other apps completely shut down.

When you so something with your hands that requires a touch of concentration, like a jigsaw puzzle, washing dishes, or knitting, your brain is engaged on the action at hand. But in the background, the other apps are still silently running.

And your brilliant brain is creatively working to connect all of dots and associations. When, suddenly, like a flash of lighting, the idea just appears out of nowhere. Thanks, neurons!

#3: What Would MacGyver Do?

MacGyver, the ’80s version and today’s version, is the ultimate problem-solving, idea-generating guru. Locked in a submarine with a dwindling oxygen supply and nothing but a stick of gum and a wet matchstick, MacGyver can find a solution, and save the day.

MacGyver never accepts the situation at face-value, believes there is always a solution, and is willing to look creatively at every barrier that stand in his way.
Sure, MacGyver is a fictional character, but your problems are likely less dangerous than his. Seek out the unconventional, and remember, a paper clip is never just a paper clip.

#4: Find the Worst Idea

Coming up with a great idea is stressful, man. And your creativity doesn’t like to be stressed out. When your inner-mini-CEO is screaming “I have to find the perfect idea or we are all doomed,” your creativity runs for the hills.

Focus on finding really bad ideas. Ideas that would never work. Ideas that are laughable. Brainstorm as many horrible ideas as possible.

Then, pull them apart and dig into them. Sometimes the kernel of our best ideas come from the really bad ideas. Or, that bad idea might be the stepping stone to your next great idea. Ideas are the lifeblood of your microbusiness.

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