Creating Content When You’re Uninspired

Creating content when you are uninspired

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It’s the most dreaded and frustrating feeling when you sit down to work on your marketing content but are completely uninspired. You search again and again for just one sentence or idea – anything! But it’s like a blank canvas staring back at you: devoid of any inspiration whatsoever. It happens to the best of us. When it hits you, use these ideas to create content when you’re uninspired.

#1: Scope Out Your Competitors

What are they doing? Does this give you any ideas for what to write about or how to create your own content differently?

#2: Scroll the Feed

What content do you see trending on your social feeds the most, and why is it grabbing your attention? 

#3: Use Facebook Groups for Recon

Join groups that your buyer persona is in and monitor the conversation. What are they talking about? What emotions do you see in the comments section? What type of content are they sharing? 

#3 Check out Quora

Quora is a website that uses questions and answers to provide a way for people to share their knowledge on topics. Search for the topic you are creating content about, like “content marketing” or “sales.” You will see others asking your question in Quora and what they have said as an answer.

#4 Facebook Ad Library

The Facebook Ad Library can be a wealth of content ideas. Browse through ads from different industries or your competitors and see what type of content they are using. Just seeing the headline can be enough to spark your creative juices,

#5 Use a Generator

There are several idea generators out there that can be just the dose of inspo you need.

The Portent Idea Generator created these ideas, just using the phrase “content marketing”:

  • 18 things you Don’t Want to Hear About Content Marketing
  • Why Content Marketing Beats Peanut Butter on Pancakes
  • 10 Ways to Become a World Champion of Content Marketing
  • 11 BS Facts About Content Marketing Everyone Thinks Are True
  • Why Content Marketing is More Painful than Stepping on a Lego
Portent Idea Generator

#6 Create A Mashup with Pop Culture

Merge your area of expertise with a pop culture reference your buyer persona will get. Think about a recent movie or tv show you’ve watched and think about what you can learn from that program, like:

  • Five Things the Real Housewives Taught Me About Content Marketing
  • Using The Crown as a Blueprint for Developing an In-Depth Buyer Persona

Or create a mashup with a trending celebrity, tying in your area of expertise with public information about them, like:

  • The Ariana Grande Method to Content Marketing
  • Why Content Marketing is Sexier Than Jason Momoa {okay, obviously, this one will never work because literally, nothing is sexier than Ronan Dex, m’kay.}

#7 Ask Your Audience

You are creating content to be of value to your audience, and there’s no shame in asking them what they want or need. Not only does this give you insight into their thoughts and struggles, but it is also a great way to create engagement and communicate with them on a more personal level.

#8 Repurpose Evergreen Content

Remember that fantastic post you wrote two years ago? Or that article you have had sitting in your drafts folder for three months now? Dig those bad boys out and give them new life.

#9 Visit Your Inspo Folder

Create one repository for all the cool shizz that you find online to be used in your marketing. News articles, blog posts, quotes, graphics, podcast episodes, Dad jokes, you name it. When you need something quickly, visit your folder to get ideas and inspiration.

#10 Walk Away

That’s terrible advice, right? Not exactly. The longer you stare at your computer and curse the creativity gods for turning their backs on you, the harder it will become to create content. Take a break and walk the dog or wash dishes, and an idea may come when you least expect it.

Or head out of the office and to your local coffee shop for a change in scenery. Shaking things up can get you out of that content rut.

10 Content Marketing Tips that Work

Creating content when you’re uninspired can stop you in your tracks, but it doesn’t have to. These 10 tips can help get your creative juices flowing when you need a jolt of inspiration.

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