Business Coach Windy Lawson's Mission Statement

Your Mission is the Center of Everything!

Look, I get it.

You’re out there hustlin’, jab-jab-right-hookin’, posting, selling, writing, networking, creating, packaging, shipping, counting, following up, building your empire. 

Your mission is to make more money, right?

Slow your roll, sister!

I often refer to setting goals as entering the address in your GPS before you get in the car. Your goals determine where you want to go, so you’re not just busy for busy’s sake, driving around like gas still costs $1.99. #thegoodolddays

If your goal sets the destination, your mission statement clarifies the goal.

It makes no sense to drive to New York City if your passion is to spend time in the mountains.

Or to kill yourself selling 100 artisan candles if photography is what sets your soul on fire.

But I got bills to pay!

Friend, I feel that in my bones. And maybe moving to the mountains or becoming a professional photographer isn’t in the cards for you, yet.

But the truth is if you don’t ever figure out what you really want, what your mission is, you’ll never get it.

But once you know what you do want, you can start working towards it.

A journey of a thousand miles starts with a step.

But before the journey begins, you need to know where you want to go and why! This free tool was designed to help you do just that.

Mission Statement Template

Write Your Mission Statement Now

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