Working Harder Isn’t The Answer

Let’s be honest, you didn’t start your business so you could work more hours, make less money, and experience more stress.

You’re freaking exhausted

Attempting to complete 26 hours of work in a day while keeping the other people, pets, and plants in your house alive is not a recipe for success. It’s not a lifestyle choice. It’s punishment.

You’re blaming yourself

Trying thirty different approaches seemed like a good idea at time, but now it feels like you’ve wasted time and money. And you’re no closer than you were before.

You’re one bad consult call away from quitting

Maybe the entrepreneur life isn’t for you. Getting a real J-O-B would suck the soul from your body faster than the Hearth & Hand line at Target drains your budget, but at least you’d have some stability.


Simplify your day with this free, easy checklist, and make money, not chaos.

Grab Your Checklist

    Game Changer!

    The Slay Your Workday checklist has been a GAME CHANGER for me! It made a huge difference in my productivity and my mindset. I am more focused during my day, and once the day is over, I can totally leave it behind.

    Leslie Brown

    Business Owner

    Life Before Leads! said no entrepreneur ever

    Because in the entrepreneur world, success requires YOU:

    • To be spread thinner than the phyllo in Ree Drummond’s baklava while you juggle sales, social media, networking, copywriting, billing, scheduling, blogging, recording videos, pretending to like LinkedIn,
    • To change gears faster than the Kardashians change outfits, while marketing gets more convoluted and confusing than Kim’s career path,
    • To neglect everything that you enjoy just to “earn” your success…

    While whispering to yourself, “One day, it will all be worth it.”

    What If You Could Un-Hustle Your Success Story?

    Imagine if success required YOU:

    • To stop burning the candle at both ends like some sort of deranged pyromaniac,
    • To honor your mental and physical health needs and consume something other than iced coffee (bean water is not water, yo!),
    • To enjoy time away from work.

    Spoiler Alert: It does!

    You can and deserve to set and slay business goals (make more money, yo!) without sacrificing your sanity.

    S’up! I’m Windy.

    I help frustrated, female business owners create short-term strategic plans to achieve their business goals while prioritizing life away from work. 

    I used to be in your shoes. I might still be if Kenny Rogers hadn’t ruined my fifth wedding anniversary. 

    I was pouring boiling water into the french press when my husband sauntered out of the laundry room, hands filled with roses and Godiva, and began to serenade me. 


    I’m so sorry, 

    You have to work on our anniversary, 

    I will eat pizza without you…

    I’m sure that’s not the vibe Lionel Richie was going for when he wrote Kenny’s 1981 hit. 

    Cue the ugly crying and snot bubbles. 

    I had a Kenny Rogers concert that night. It was another anniversary that I would spend away from my husband because of work.

    I wish I could tell you that at that moment, everything shifted for me. It didn’t. But in the decade that followed, I became a certified coach, honed my skills, and developed a framework to help female entrepreneurs un-hustle their way to success while giving a big FU to burnout. 

    “Windy Lawson truly is passionate about what she does. I love her fun-loving personality while still being straightforward and to the point. She calls it like she sees it, and focuses on finding solutions. I am so glad I found her and I definitely would recommend her.”

    Phyllis Whetsel

    Business Owner

    We’re a Hot Match if

    The only hustle you’re interested in involves the Bee Gees and bell bottoms.

    You think “I would rather work 80 hours for myself than 40 hours for someone else” is utter bullshit. 

    Creating a five-year plan makes you twitchy.

    You want to make money but not at the expense of your values.

    You believe business should be fun.

    Want to Know How I Help Frustrated Entrepreneurs Achieve Their Goals While Prioritizing Life Away From Work?


    Me + You = Fast Track to Success

    Personalized strategy and accountability on speed dial metaphorically, of course, because who dials a phone anymore?

    This is for you, if:

    • Burnout is imminent
    • You’re 100% committed to try something different.

    Group Program

    You + Your Slay Squad = Goal Slayed in 90 Days

    DIY strategy with training wheels and group accountability

    This is for you, if:

    • You’re frustrated, but hopeful
    • You’re willing to try something different but aren’t entirely onboard with the whole “do less” thing.

    Windy Lawson has been an amazing support to me in my efforts to launch my business. Windy has helped me find clarity, a clear strategy, and a detailed plan. Through Windy’s coaching, I have learned so much about creating a budget, setting realistic goals, and understanding where there were gaps in my processes. I highly recommend working with Windy to all my sister entrepreneurs.

    Heather Cherrington

    Business Owner