4 Reasons to Get Your Booty Out of Bed Earlier

Benefits of Waking Up Earlier Windy Lawson

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Benefits of Waking Up Earlier Windy Lawson

One of the struggles I encounter most often with new coaching clients is figuring out how to get #allthethings done every day. There are lot of layers to this issue, but the most simple solution is the hardest sell: waking up earlier. Before you run away, hear me out on the benefits of waking up earlier.

Benefit #1: Early rising puts you in control

When you hit the snooze button three times and finally roll out of bed at the absolute last possible minute, you start your day feeling rushed and out of control. The slightest delay or irritation can throw off your entire morning.

Being an early riser allows you to greet the day on your terms, which can have a profound positive impact on your entire day. Whether you wake up five minutes or four hours before you need to, that is your sacred time to spend as you wish and is the ideal time to focus on yourself and your priorities.

And, as Janet Jackson taught us, “I’m in control, and I love it.”

Benefit #2: Nourish Your Body

Full disclosure: I love breakfast foods, but I’m not a fan of eating in the morning. I generally don’t feel hungry until I’ve been awake for a solid 5-6 hours. But, just like our mommas told us, there’s a big difference between wants and needs.

Your body, and my body, needs fuel. And it needs good fuel, beyond caffeine and carbs. Mmmmmm, coffee and carbs…

Nourishing your body with actual food allows you to be physically, mentally and emotionally equipped to handle whatever nonsense the day throws at you. And you know the nonsense is coming.

You wouldn’t try to race your minivan around the Daytona 500 speedway without filling it up with gas first. The same goes for your brain and body, babe. And poppin’ into the Speedway Store for a donut do-not count.

In less than 10 minutes, you can make a healthy breakfast that gives you the fuel to rock the day. And I’m not talking about spending your entire weekend trashing your kitchen in a meal-prep-daze. Throw some spinach, mint, pineapple and coconut milk into a blender, pop an English muffin in the toaster, and spread some hummus on that bad boy when it’s nice and toasty, and call it breakfast.

Nourishing your body is one of the most overlooked benefits of waking up earlier, but it’s also one of the most powerful.

Reason #3: Nourish Your Soul

Slow your roll, sister. I know you’re tempting to scroll right past this section, but I’m gonna channel my inner-stewardess and remind you that you must put your oxygen mask on first before helping others with theirs.

Look, I know you have a lot on your plate. And that probably means you’re putting other people’s needs before your own. But you cannot fill from an empty pitcher, and you can’t put someone else’s oxygen mask on them if you pass out from oxygen deprivation.

One of the biggest benefits of waking up earlier is it is your time to do the things that nourish your soul. Give yourself the gift of reading your daily devotional or participating in your preferred spiritual practice, listening to motivational or inspirational podcasts or audiobooks, journaling, exercising, watching the sunrise, or whatever sets your soul on fire. It’s your time to take care of your needs!

Reason #4: Increase your productivity

Let’s be honest for a hot sec: when are you most likely to do that task you’ve been putting off? Early in the morning, when your house is quiet and you are fresh, or at the end of a long day, when you’re drained and can’t think straight?

Even if you are a night owl, getting up before you need to {and before the rest of your house wakes up}, can give you a jump start on that never-ending task list. If your creativity peaks in the morning, it’s the perfect time to tackle those creative tasks that have been lingering on your to-do list for too long.

If the early morning isn’t your optimum creative time, you can perform those perfunctory tasks that don’t require lots of imagination: pay bills, prep for the day, schedule follow up emails, complete your expense report, etc. One of my favorite non-creative uses of this time is to meet with my boss {who is me}.

Every Friday morning, CEO Me has an early-morning meeting with Employee Me to review our corporate goal progression. That sounds way fancier than it really is. Am I on-pace to meet my monthly goals, which support my quarterly goals, which support my annual goals? If not, what needs to change?

#BestieRealTalk: When your to-do list is endless, it’s way too easy to miss the forest for the trees. When you’re in the weeds of tactics, you can lose sight of the big picture, the strategy, and the ultimate destination.

And when tactics are not supporting a strategy, you’re not productive, you’re just busy. And busy doesn’t get you across the finish line.

The benefits of waking up earlier far outweigh the discomfort of leaving that warm bed before you absolutely have to. Waking up earlier is a habit, and all habits take commitment and time to build. If you want to start reaping those early-bird benefits, start small with 15-30 minutes for a week or two, then reflect on how the new practice has impacted your life. It may be just what you need to be more effective in everything you do.

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